mardi 2 juin 2020

Revues Académiques

Jouini, E., Karehnke, P., & Napp, C. (2014). On Portfolio Choice with Savoring and Disappointment. Management Science. A55

Nocetti, D., Jouini, E., & Napp, C (2014). Economic Consequences of Nth-Degree Risk Increases and Nth-Degree Risk Attitudes. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty A58

Jouini, E., & Napp. C. (2014). How to aggregate experts’ discount rates: an equilibrium approach. Economic Modelling. A57

Jouini, E., Napp, C. & Viossat, Y. (2013). Evolutionary beliefs and financial markets. Review of Finance, 17(2), 727-766. A56

Jouini, E., & Napp, C. (2013).. On Multivariate Prudence. Journal of Economic Theory, 148, 1255-1267.   A51
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